RESES's Roots


Our vision is of an inclusive community where people feel empowered to act sustainably and to use ecological design principles in their day to day lives.


We are a collaborative organization with a mission to empower individuals and communities by creating inclusive and accessible ecological education programs and demonstration projects.


Our mandate is to deliver free and low cost opportunities for community members to access ecological education programming. This includes meet ups, workshops, and courses. We also design and develop community-based demonstration sites where this programming can take place. We often work in collaboration with other organizations to make the best use of the diverse strengths already present in our community.

Kelowna Community PDC

In 2019, before RESES was even born, our team came together to teach Kelowna's first Permaculture Design Certificate Course, focusing on ecological landscape design and community building. It was a success! From now on, the course will be taught as part of the RESES mandate. We had to put our 2020 course on hold due to COVID-19, but will hopefully be running our 2nd cycle in 2021.


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