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Wild Edible Plants Colouring Pages

These free educational resources that feature wild edible plants were designed and hand drawn by RESES co-founder Lucie Bardos. They feature her signature original characters, the mischievous and curious nature goblins known as Glarfles.  Click the images to access the free downloadable PDF's!


Permaculture Ethics and Principles Colouring Book (Featuring The Glarfles)

This hand drawn colouring book, also featuring The Glarfles, is a great tool for teaching learners of all ages about permaculture ethics and principles.


The text is at a grade 5-7 reading level.

Click the image to access the FREE 34-page high resolution PDF download! 

Please consider making a small donation OR ordering the book in print to support the creation of more FREE educational materials!

Click the yellow button to order print copies! Contact us directly for discounts on bulk orders.

RESES Permaculture Colouring Book Cover.
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