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RESES' Values and Ethics
Growing Plants

Earth Care

  • Regenerative land management practices: 

    • We believe in leaving the land better than we found it

  • Working with natural processes: 

    • Ecological design, or Permaculture, is an approach that strives to create functioning ecosystems that support humans, wildlife, and species biodiversity. We use ecological design to plan and implement our demonstration projects.

Group Planting a Tree

People Care

  • Collaboration with other organizations: 

    • We like to value the diverse skills already present in the community and work with organizations that have complementary missions to ours. Many hands make light work!

  • Inclusion

    • We want to make sure that people feel welcome and included in our activities.

  • Valuing Indigenous knowledge: 

    • We recognize and value the historical, ancestral, and cultural ties that Indigenous peoples have to the land where we work, live, and play. 

  • Community Building: 

    • Our efforts are to bring people together so that they can learn from each other and take part in building a resilient community

  • Celebration: 

    • We place an emphasis on making the time to celebrate together as an important cultural and relationship-building activity.

  • Self Care and Mental Wellness: 

    • We recognize the ability of outdoor spaces to foster mental wellness and mindfulness. We actively include a focus on self care and mental wellness in our activities as an organization.

Food Delivery

Fair Share

  • Social equity: 

    • We recognize the social inequalities present in society. We create space in our activities for those who may face barriers to participation.

  • Food security: 

    • We value access for all people to sustainably grow culturally-appropriate food.

    • We promote the elimination of barriers when it comes to people’s right to obtain healthy nutritious food.

  • Resource and knowledge sharing: 

    • We believe that surplus resources deserve to be shared with those who could benefit from them. This applies not only to tangible resources like food, but also to knowledge and skills.

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